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Appeal for Yama Thutop

Help us help a young Tibetan boy in need of a double kidney transplant

Jun 8, 2016


Yama Thutop is a 17 year old Tibetan student from a farming community in Drewo, Kandze Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture. In 2002 his father passed away in a car accident, and he lives with his Grandmother Siga, and Grandfather Tenzing Namgyal who are 79 and 70, as well as his mother Choetso.

Unfortunately Yama has been ill for some time, and in May was taken to the Kandze General Hospital, followed by a transferral to Hoshi Hospital in Chengdu. Having had a medical examination, Yama was told he must to be remain for two months in order to restore his blood circulation through dialysis, followed by a kidney transplant.

The cost of Yama to remain in the hospital is £1160 for the first week, followed by transferral to a smaller hospital for £75 per day, leaving the hospital bills at around £5000 for two months.

According to his medical report, both of Yama’s kidneys are damaged and both require a transplant. If Yama finds a suitable kidney donor from his relatives or friends, the transplant will cost about £40,000. If the hospital is required to provide kidneys, according to reports from Yama’s family this will cost approximately £60,000 in total for both of his kidneys.

So far, Yama’s dedicated family have managed to raise £18,000. However, his family is so poor that it is beyond their ability to pay for the transplant. Yama’s family are therefore appealing for donations towards the treatment of their child.

The Foundation has looked into this matter closely and checked thoroughly through our own representatives in the region – in both Kandze and Chengdu, and confirmed that this is indeed a genuinely deserving cause. At our request Sonam Wangchuk, the former representative of Tibet Foundation in Chengdu has visited the Yama Thutop in hospital on the 9th of June. He was able to talk with and meet Yama’s family, as well as speak to the medical professionals treating him, and concluded he was sincerely in need of medical assistance. In August Tibet Foundation’s manager Jamyang Dhondup will personally visit Yama and his family, during his project monitoring visit to the region.

Therefore, Tibet Foundation has proposed to pay for Yama’s daily treatment for two months with a donation of seed money, paid directly to the hospital with a verified account, at a cost of £5000.

We have set up an Emergency Medical Fund for this project, and we are appealing our supporters to please consider donating towards Yama’s treatment.

We hope you will consider assisting Yama during his time of need. A small donation will go a long way in assisting him during his time of great need. It is through your support that we are able to help the lives of others, and to make a real difference.

Please make a donation by clicking the button on the right, or by sending a cheque to Tibet Foundation (please mention “EMF” on the back of your cheque).

Yours sincerely,

Phuntsog Wangyal
Founding Trustee
Tibet Foundation