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“Give Elders Dignity”

A Special 35th Tibet Foundation Anniversary Appeal

Nov 15, 2019


Dear Friends,


“Give Elders Dignity”- A Special 35th Anniversary Appeal


In the past 34 years with your support Tibet Foundation has been able to help Tibetans in the fields of education, healthcare and community development, as well as with the preservation of their unique Buddhist cultural heritage. We credit all these achievements to you for your generosity and commitment.


Today, there are growing numbers of elders without families in rural and remote areas in Tibetan communities. Having lost their homeland and families, most of them spent their youth serving their communities. Now they are vulnerable. As the winter fast approaching – often with temperatures below minus 45°C in Sershul, east Tibet – we think of them and their immediate and long-term needs.


“Give Elders Dignity”


We are launching a special project “Give Elders Dignity” and delighted to invite you to join us to make it yet another successful achievement. This project aims to address the immediate hardship of elders like Kalsang Wangpo and Jampa Kunga, as well as the long-term needs of elders in general.


Kalsang Wangpo, an 83 years old monk and former practising Traditional Tibetan Medicine, was admitted to the Sershul Old People’s Home 15 years ago due to losing his eyesight. Now, with poor health, his only wish is to have huge prayer wheels installed for the elderly residents with mobility problems. Kalsang continues to think of other residents and their urgent need for support.


Jampa Kunga, 89 years old and single, left Tibet in 1959 as a resistance fighter and later joined the army in India, hoping to fight and return back to his homeland. Now in his late 80s, Jampa is seriously ill with growing health issues, including a kidney complaint, unsteady knees and frequent backaches, in addition to his poor vision and some old wounds to his feet. Currently bedridden, Jampa was admitted to the Doegu Yugalling Old People’s Home in Herbertpur, northern India, for more than 20 years. He still misses and talks about his only sister in Tibet, of whom he has heard nothing since 1959.


Like Jampa and Kalsang, many other vulnerable elders now depend solely on support from organisations like Tibet Foundation. For decades, Tibet Foundation’s Elderly Sponsorship scheme has benefited many hundreds of vulnerable Tibetans living in Tibet, as well as in India and Nepal. In the past year, our Elderly Sponsorship scheme gave direct benefits to over 250 Tibetan elders across ten old peoples’ care homes in India, Nepal and Tibet.


There is now an urgent need to help this vulnerable elderly section of the Tibetan community both in Tibet and in exile.


As the 35th anniversary of Tibet Foundation is approaching next year, we would like to make a renewed commitment to raise an extra £100,000 over the next 12 months to provide enhanced support – giving training to existing care givers and employing new carers for the elderly Tibetan community. By doing so, we are not only creating new employment opportunities, and re-training as well as retaining existing care givers, but also improving care service quality for the whole elderly community.


Your generous support is key to making this project successful.


Please consider donating £50 monthly or whatever you could afford over the next 12 months. Help the elderly today by donating to Tibet Foundation by clicking on the link below: paypal.com/gb/fundraiser/charity/19370 


If you are a UK taxpayer, please click on "Boost your donation by 25% with Gift Aid" after making a donation. This will allow Tibet Foundation to receive an extra £2.5 on every £10 that you donate, at no cost to you.


You may either donate online via www.tibet-foundation.org or call us on 020 7930 6001. Or, if you prefer to make a one-off donation please send your cheque, made payable to “Tibet Foundation” at:


Tibet Foundation 

Hamilton House 

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London WC1H 9BB

United Kingdom. 


Thank you once again for considering your heartfelt support for this very special project – “Give Elders Dignity”.


Yours sincerely,




Phuntsog Wangyal

Chairman & Founding Trustee, Tibet Foundation