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Public Lecture: "The Theory and Practice of Urine Analysis in Tibetan Medicine"

Dec 6, 2012 at 6:30 PM

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Dr Pema Dorjee will be giving a public talk titled "The Theory and Practice of Urine Analysis in Tibetan Medicine" at SOAS

As part of his visit to the UK, Dr Pema Dorjee will be give a lecture titled "The Theory and Practice of Urine Analysis in Tibetan Medicine" at SOAS


Urine, which is counted among one of the waste products of the body, is in actual more like a clear mirror. It reflects the state of health and makes it easier for a physician to understand the nature of a disease thereby helping in a correct diagnosis. For a proper urinalysis, the essential requirements are observing preliminaries, examining urine at appropriate time such as early morning, using white colored container etc., and examining color, steam, smell, and bubbles of the urine during fresh warm state of urine, sediments and cream during cool state, and examining the time of transformation, means of transformation, and examination on post transformation during the complete cold state of urine, and etc. etc. Diseases of the vital organs as well as survival of a person can be understood more clearly from pulse reading while diseases of the vessel organs and hot and cold nature of a disease can be understood more accurately through urinalysis. Therefore it is said in the text that “A physician with no knowledge of pulse and urine examination is like a messenger (at war) with no knowledge about conveyance of the cor­rect message. And as such he/she will not be able to diagnose a hot and cold disease correctly.”

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