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Gesar Tour 2007 - Introduction

Feb 13, 2007

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Gesar Tour 2007 - Introduction

UK Tour - Summer 2007

A Legend from Tibet: Serta-Gesar Troupe

Serta-Gesar Troupe was established twenty years ago in the Golden Horse Great Pasture, in the southeast of the Qinghai-Tibet tableland, where the altitude is more than four thousand metres. Besides performing in the five provinces in the Tibetan area, they have become one of the best troup es in China with over thirty actors, playwrights and directors on the team.

By combining the old traditions with modern innovation, Serta-Gesar Tibetan Troupe have successfully written and directed eight traditional Tibetan dramas. They fuse Tibetan traditional and modern style performances, including folk songs, dancing, temple chants and folk games. They are the first Troupe in the world to turn the legendary heroic epic King Gesar into a Tibetan drama.

These talented story-telling actors greatly contribute to the succession and development of Tibetan culture, as their intelligence and creativity is embodied through the actors.

They are the real peoples’ artists and popular poets among the people. The folk actors tell the story while singing, and narrate it while commenting. The prose part is mainly narration, while the verse part is chant. The whole performance is breathtaking, full of colour, flowing with rhythm and life.

The Troupe have successfully participated in various arts festivals and won many prizes. They are highly regarded by prestigious organisations of local Sichuan Province and central Beijing Government. As an institution of excellence, the Troupe has also been helping teach others performance skills and set up their own drama troupes in various counties and abroad.

An introduction to the Setar-Gesar UK Tour 2007 can be seen below:

A Great Epic of Living Form - Gesar of Ling

A bright pearl in the treasure-house of the Tibetan culture:

Gesar of Ling represents the highest achievement of Tibetan culture as a mirror that reflects Tibetan history. It shows the important historical events of Tibetan development, conveys the peoples’ desires ideals, describe the complicated ethnic relationship and finally the gradual unifying process.

It is thought of as an encyclopaedia which reflects the society and history of ancient Tibet. Handed down from generation to generation for thousands of years and deeply loved by Tibetans it continues to spread among the Tibetans, especially among the farmers and herdsmen. Thus it is called an epic of living form. International researchers have called it "The Eastern Homer Epic”.

Gesar of Ling is a great epic created by collective Tibetan effort. It is the longest epic in the world, with 120 volumes, over 1,000,000 lines and 20,000,000 words. In the whole Tibetan Plateau and around the widespread Himalayan region, it is an important component in Tibetan culture. This epic is a rare phenomenon in Tibetan history, even in the literary history of China and the World.

The Gesar of Ling epic reflects the passionate struggle of justice over evil, and light defeating dark through the life of a hero who defied brute force through his will-power and magical strength. This epic reflects the people's aspirations, thus generating strong sympathies among the Tibetans.

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