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Report on successful completion of the Yushu Medical Course

Nov 3, 2013

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A report from the Yushu Medical College on the 27 students Tibet Foundation sponsored in 2013

Respected the Trustees, Staff and members of Tibet Foundation,

First of all, on behalf of all the 27 Tibetan medical students and lecturers of the Vocational Education and Training Centre 2013, we would like to express our sincere thanks and deep gratitude for all the efforts you have taken by inviting renowned scholar Dr. Tagyal-lak who provided us with fully-fledged medical knowledge, specifically on moxibustion and venesection.  Moreover, we are greatly fortunate to be able to study under such a great scholar of expertise in both theoretical and practical medical knowledge, and have ensured us favourable conditions through his skill and because of our strong karmic link.

We are very happy to inform hereby that we have learned a vast array of knowledge in this short period of time as compared with our two long years of study in school. Unlike the rigid system of teaching in school, we enjoyed every minute of his excellent teaching skills and courteous personality. Thanks a lot for giving us an opportunity to study under him.

This short course on Tibetan Medicine includes textual and essential instruction on practical knowledge based on Gyud bzhi (the four Tantras), the fundamental text of Tibetan Medicine and with the additional knowledge of his own experiences acquired from his lifelong treatment to the patients. We were taught extensively about the classification, points and the benefits of moxibustion and venesection. For example, there are only seventy-five points of venesection in the four Tantras whereas; he showed us sixty-five additional points with a detailed explanation on such matters. 

Though the Tibetan medical system is outstanding and has many unique features, the changing and unavoidable conditions of our times have affected us immeasurably and hence it is of utmost importance to preserve and develop it. And of course, this short period of course on moxibustion and venesection has proved a very effective measure towards the preservation and development of Tibetan medical systems as a whole.

Last but not the least, Thank you all once again from the depth of our hearts, and we look forward for the same vital help in future,

Yours sincerely,

Medical Lecturers and Students

Vocational Education and Training Centre, 2013