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Grand Monlam Tibetan Dictionary Talk

Nov 23, 2016

Geshe Lobsang Monlam joins us at various venues to tell us about his current project.

Geshe Lobsang Monlam, the founder of Monlam Tibetan IT Research Center, began his journey into the computer geek's world in 2002, when he, out of sheer curiosity, bought his first computer. At that time, there were no ume (dbus med) fonts available. So, he began studying fonts and doing research on developing ume and uchen fonts. 

In 2015, the first version of Monlam Grand Tibetan Dictionary was completed successfully. Now Monlam IT center is working on many more areas of literature and technology for the preservation and expansion of the Tibetan culture and Literature.

Join us for FREE at one of the events to hear more about the Monlam Grand Tibetan Dictionary and its journey.



24/11/2016 Oxford University: 17:00-18:00

25/11/2016 SOAS University: 19:00-21:00

26/11/2016 Kailash Centre: 18:00-20:00


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