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Jun 9, 2017

Assisting students and the elderly Tibetans. I wish to thank all our members for your support to Tibet Foundation’s aid programmes. During this auspicious month of Saga Dawa (birth, enlightenment and Parinirvana of Lord Buddha)

I wish to thank all our members for your support to Tibet Foundation’s aid programmes. During this auspicious month of Saga Dawa (birth, enlightenment and Parinirvana of Lord Buddha) I have sent out to our supporters the latest Tibet Foundation Newsletter, issue 70 of our bi-annual publication. I hope you have safely received a copy. I have also posted an appeal to our members and supporters for the sponsorship of Tibetan students and the elderly. I am now uploading this appeal on our face book for those who are not yet our members and asking them to join us in our effort, helping those Tibetans who need help the most.

Students in Tibetan Home's Foundation School in Mussoorie in North India
Generally speaking, the economic situation of the Tibetans has improved in the last twenty years. However, as you can see through my report, many Tibetan students and elderly from poor and remote areas both in Tibet, India and Nepal face financial difficulties, and depend heavily on support from charities like Tibet Foundation for sponsorship. Although the overall economic situation of the countries we operate in is generally improving, the economic benefits have yet to reach vulnerable members of remote communities. The vital sponsorship we supply is used directly for students for their education, and to support the elderly for their security and welfare, during some of the most adverse years of their lives.
My visit to India to oversee our ongoing projects highlighted the hope and good work that the Tibetan community conduct to support each other. However, it was a reminder of the difficulties we still face. There are still some 4,884 students in the Tibetan Schools of TCV, DoE and THF in North India alone without sponsorship. Furthermore, the Department of Homes looks after 14 Old People’s Homes across India, and over 700 residents of the homes are above the age of 85, with 5 above the age of 100. Many do not have sponsors.
Elderly in Old People's Home in Dzachukha (Sershul) in East Tibet
Similarly, a number of residents of old peoples’ homes in remote nomadic areas of Tibet, and a large number of secondary schools in Tibet, desperately need support. After completing their education at Secondary School, many young Tibetans cannot progress further in their studies due to a lack of sponsorship and funding. With over three decades of experience as a charity, we have seen that Education is truly liberating and gives real hope for a better future. We know that with scholarships more Tibetans will be able to attain a higher education both in China and India. Scholarships are the beginning of their hope, and provide a reliable foundation with which to develop a career, and give back to their respective communities.
In the light of the disconcerting news that the new U.S administration proposes to discontinue the US Tibet Fund from next year - a policy, which threatens uncountable Tibetan communities and families - all Tibetan charities have an increasingly urgent reason to make an effort to raise funds for those who need help the most. This policy change poses a very real danger for many Tibetan communities dependent on support. While thanking you for your continued help, and conveying greetings from all Tibetans who have been benefited by your generosity, I would like to request you once again to please consider supporting this appeal. Assisting students and the elderly in some of the most remote regions of Central Asia provides life-changing circumstances for some of the youngest members of the community, as well as assisting some of those who have suffered the most.
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Thank you and wishing you all the best,
Phuntsog Wangyal
Founding Trustee
Tibet Foundation