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New CGI Sheet Roof for the Jampaling Old Peoples’ Home

Feb 5, 2018

This Old Peoples’ Home in Dharamsala, managed by the Central Tibetan Relief Committee (Department of Home, CTA) looks after 150 elders. Tibet Foundation is a UK charity that has been helping the Home

Late last year, the Foundation has donated £11,850 towards renovation of the old building with new roof. Thanks to the generosity of our supporters and hard work of the CTRC the renovation has been successfully completed.
Ms Tashi Dickey, the dealing staff of the Central Tibetan Relief Committee has sent to Tibet Foundation following pictures and the report. We would like to thank our members for their generosity and the Central Tibetan Relief Committee for completing the renovation most successfully on time. Thank you
Tibet Foundation
Completion Report on construction New CGI Sheet Roofing at JAMPALING OPH, Dharamsala
Title: Construction of new roofing CGI Sheet 
Project Holder: Executive Secretary, Central Tibetan Relief Committee. Dharamsala. (Department of Home)
Project Duration: From October 1, 2017 to November 31, 2017
Total Budget required for the project: INR 12,41,072/-( Towels lakh forty one thousand & seventy two only )
Total Budget Received From Tibet Foundation: 10,16,881/- ( Ten Lakh Sixteen thousand) minus 5 %Admiration Rs 50,844/- = Which final budget received ( 9,66,037/-) The remaining 2,75,035/- ( Funded by PRM)
Beneficiaries: Old people's Home Dharamsala accommodate 130 elders There are 14 staffs' personnel consisting of Manager, Provision store in-charge, Kitchen staff, nurse, Elders helper and House Keeping staff. 
A. Proposed Solution: To Provide better living standard for the elders.
B. Project back ground: 
This project will help all needy elders of Jampaling who come from Tibet who have left their families and beloved one in Tibet and had served most of their life in Indian army and Tibetan community for over 30 years in exile. After retirement from the service, they are once again left alone and in capable of living a family life as they do not have any family members with them in exile. It includes all those elderly who are unable to earn their livelihood due to old age and with no one to rely on. Jampaling Old People's Home provides food, shelter and medical facilities to such aged people residing there in order to ward off any kind of hardships in their last years.
C. Project Justification: We are happy to able to put new CGI sheet roofing at old age home Jampaling as very essentially especially during monsoon or rainy season, Most of the room have problem of leakage due to heavy rain fall and no sunshine for long period time, which lead to moisture and humidity in the room. Adversely affect the health of elders. Now the problem of leakage and humidity permanently solved. Thankful to Tibet Foundation
And also we are able construct new store room, The remaining emty space is very useful for the to enjoy leisure time without any problem from rain and sun. They can enjoy indoor games anytime.
The purpose of constructing CGI sheet is to improve the health of elders and plus to create a friendly environment where elders can engage in various recreational activities during their leisure time on roof top.
Planned Activities: 
This project was based on full contract to contactor.
• Under the chairman of the Executive secretary, we have formed committee with 5 members i.e. 1) Ms. Tashi Dickey ( Dealing staff) Home department. 2)Mr. Wangchen (OPH In-charge), 3) Mrs. Dolma Tsering (Staff Nurse), 4) Mr Ngodup Palden ( Group Leader) The member of committee selected the contractor on bases of their quotation and closely supervise during while implementing project. 
• Executive Secretary supervised and monitored the project with the concern manger of the OPH and the project dealing staff. 
Output of project:
• Improved proper accommodation and legal protection from health, security & shelter
• Improved the better living standard of elders.
• Elders are enjoying hygiene and clean environment and they can feel that they are at their home.
• To improve health of the elder inmates of the Home
• Elders are enjoying free humidity room and have more hygiene environment.
The construction new CGI Sheet was completed within given period and budget. It was very beneficial to elders. And from within the given budget we try to get best quality of material with minimum price. The photos of project site are attached with the brief report for your kind information.
The construction of new CGI Sheet roofing at Jampaling Old people home was successfully completed and funded by TIBET FOUNDATION AID LONDON, UK. This project is very helpful and directly benefited to the elder's health and environment of OPH. On behalf of Department of Home and OPH Jampaling would like to extend our heartfelt gratitude to our donor for financing towards this project.
Report Submitted by 
Tashi Dickey (Ms.) Submission Date: 7th November, 2017
Dealing Staff 
Department of Home CTRC