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Jun 6, 2019

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On the 18th of May, Tsondue, Tibet Foundation's representative donated 24 yaks to six nomadic families in the Yidlhung Lhatso area, about 80 km west of Rongpatsa in Eastern Tibet.

The project cost 60,000 CNY (£6,845) at £285 per yak . The recipient families were: Lhamo, Sonam, Tsulsang, Kunsang Sherab, Kusang Wangyal and Jurdo.
Yidlhung Lhatso is a sacred glacial lake at 4,020 metres above sea level. The native Tibetan name literally means "sacred lake with pure love", which originated from a story that Drugmo, the queen of Gesar, Tibet's epic king, adored the lake's beauty so much that she wanted to remain in the area. Gesar came down and cajoled her to return home. Drugmo relented, but she left her heart behind in this lake!
An area of 190 square kiometres around the lake is designated as Xinluhai Natural Reserve
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