Tibet Foundation

Tibetan Language

Just for fun, below are a few simple Tibetan phrases to give you a small idea of this rich and expressive language. Click on the pronunciation guide and you should hear how they are supposed to sound, but please note that this will not work on all browsers.

Ta-Shee-Day-Lay - Hello TA-SHEE-DAY-LAY


koo-soo-day-bo-yin-pay - How are you? KOO-SOO DAY-BO-YIN-PAY HOW ARE YOU?
Nga-day-bo-yin - I am well NGA DAY-BO YIN I AM WELL
t'oo-je-che - Thank you TOO-JE-CHE THANK YOU
Jay-yong - See you later JAY-YONG SEE YOU LATER

Other Tibetan Teaching

For other translation and Tibetan language teaching in London, Tibet Foundation recommends Tsering D Gonkatsang, who can be contacted through the Foundation office.