Tibet Foundation


Tibet Foundation's work is divided into a series of Programmes:

Tibetans in exile

Tibetans in Exile >

The programme ‘Tibetans in Exile’ is aimed at helping to build a sustainable future for the vulnerable and needy Tibetans living in exile, especially those in India and Nepal.

Aid to Tibet

Aid to Tibet >

The programme ‘Aid to Tibet’ is aimed at empowering Tibetans in their own homeland. Since 1992 the Foundation has been working inside Tibet to help the local people with the full cooperation of the authorities.

Buddhism in Mongolia

Buddhism in Mongolia >

The programme ‘Buddhism in Mongolia’ is aimed at reviving and promoting the common cultural and religious heritage shared by Tibet and Mongolia over many centuries.

Art & Culture

Art & Culture >

The programme ‘Art and Culture’ is aimed at bringing Tibet’s ancient wisdom and artistic heritage to the West and supporting the preservation and continuity of Tibetan culture amongst Tibetan communities.